Our mission at Plum FamiLee Acupuncture is to partner with our patients to achieve a healthy balance between the mind, body and spirit. We strive to be active educators and advocates for healthy living by way of an integrative and holistic point of view.

Our philosophy of patient care goes beyond simply treating your ailments. We want to engage in a true partnership with you, the patient. We  take your input into consideration whenever we make any treatment plans or decisions regarding your care because we believe it is  important for you to have control over your own path to health.

Here at Plum FamiLee, we look past the symptoms you may be exhibiting on a given day.  We aim to not only relieve your current symptoms but to prevent future problems by investigating and treating functional imbalances that might underlie your health issues. Our goal is to help you maximize the use of all the miraculous self-healing properties your body already possesses.